Butterfly knives or balisong knives are among the most interesting and multiple functioning knives among all. First invented during the 18th century in the French era, these knives were made up of brass, wood, and steel. Initial users were the Spanish sailors who used this knife for the safe operation of the canonry, the blade was made up of steel and the handle made up of brass.  What made them popular in the 19th and 20th century is its versatile use. Though now these knives aren’t used in some places, many people use them as their “everyday tool” or EDC knife.

Butterfly knife
 can be used best for self-defense you encounter any threatening situation. It can also be used for balisong tricks. Balisong tricks also called  knife tricks are actually a couple of moves while playing with the butterfly knife in an amusing way, that will be discussed more in detail below.
However, you might not find cool knives everywhere but Knife Import provide them at a cheap rate. Among their collection, they have some variety of knife for sale. They have both types available, practice practice butterfly knife and best butterfly knife for use.
Let’s get acquainted with what they can offer you:
Butterfly knife for professionals:It might take years of practice and proper training sessions to learn the use of a  knife. In fact, some cultures are en-rooted with the use of the balisong knife. Certain states offer classes to learn the use of these knives for the purpose of self defense and arts as well.
Moonlight Masquerade Rainbow Finish Knife:This fine butterfly knife is for professional use only. The knife is made up of stainless steel inside completely. The overall length of the knife is 8.82 inches. The knife is designed and manufactured in a way that it delivers the best performance with its razor sharp blade. The needle is made to be pointed perfectly for an accurate cut. Even safety is well taken care of like the knife sets within the handle completely. You wouldn’t need to carry extra sheath with it, the balisong knife is without any doubt safe to use for everyday survival and self defense. With a beautiful rainbow finish the knife is sassy enough to carry.
Forester Digital Camo Knife:Would you ask for more if a butterfly knife has everything within a single piece? You might not know about such a knife before, but Forester digital camo butterfly knife is the unique kind. This one is also made for professional use only, overall constructed with stainless steel (blade and handle). With 2 handles counter rotating, the knife is completely hidden within the handle until you flip it out for use. The balisong knife also has a lock at the end of the handle. You won’t even need a sheath for this one as well, as the knife is closed, protected, and locked all together in one piece. With an amazingly sharp blade and tip, the knife is best for any self defense action and additionally when you need an improved performance during a complex task.
Butterfly knife trainer (for newbies):As discussing knives for practice and arts earlier, well this kind of knives are used in performing martial arts and other amazing knife tricks for the sake of entertainment solely. A practice butterfly knife is different from that of a professional butterfly knife in a way that they don’t consist of a sharp blade or pointed tip. Fade bladed knife is used only for learning and performing tricks.

4.5″ Black Butterfly Style Martial Arts Practice Knife:This butterfly knife is the sassiest one among the category of balisong knives. As you might notice it is over all painted black. The edge is not sharp in fact it’s curved for martial arts practice. Its length is 4.5 inches, not too small or big to handle. If the user desires to attach chains, it can be done so as the handle has several holes.
4.5″ Rainbow Butterfly Style Martial Arts Practice Knife:If you want a pretty martial arts equipment for practice then this knife doesn’t lag behind either. It is also overall 4.5 inches but the handle is colored black whereas the blunt blade is rainbow colored for a good looking texture.
Would you find a better Balisong knife anywhere else at such a cheap price? I bet not! So, whether you are a beginner at performing butterfly knife tricks or a pro at using then, add some new and colorful butterfly knives to your collection by purchasing them from Our Website.

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