Buyer’s Guide for Plasma Rechargeable Lighter

 Buyer's Guide for Plasma Rechargeable Lighter

Traditional lighters are no match to strong winds or heavy rain. Plasma rechargeable lighters are a revolutionary product that comes in handy be it a downpour or a heavy wind gust. While disposable lighters generate a small flame— which always lose the battle to wind and water- plasma rechargeable lighter uses a flame-less electric arc to ignite anything you want.

Besides the windproof advantage, plasma lighters are safe as they don’t pose any risk of causing hazardous fire and are environmentally friendly. They are also fast and easy to use. The most convenient part is that you don’t have to refill or buy another one but instead recharge them via a USB cable connected to a mobile adapter or perhaps to a computer. Our plasma rechargeable lighters are designed to light up to 300 times with only a single recharge that takes roughly an hour to an hour and a quarter to fully charge.

Therefore, to reliably light a cigarette or start a fire in bad weather, going flame-less is the ultimate solution. Elektro Lighters have developed modern plasma rechargeable lighters, and you can purchase our personalized lighters in bulk at a surprisingly low price. Our lighters are the safest, most versatile, and durable plasma lighters that are available in the market. Buy our personalized plasma lighters in bulk at a relatively competitive price to be the leading plasma lighter wholesaler or retailer in the market as our electric lighters are the top decent and stylish models that are intricately designed to suit every need of our customers.

Elektro Lighters is dedicated to offering an affordable and safest lighting option that serves you throughout the week with just a single recharge. This makes Elektro lighters ideal for camping among other outdoor activities. Our lighters weigh below 3 oz on average making them ideal to carry around in the pocket.

Additionally, all Elektro lighters are designed with state of the art safety features that prevent them from turning on accidentally while in the pocket. In this regard, the lighters are engineered to remain off as long as the lid is closed and they also have an auto switch that turns the lighter off after 5 seconds.

Elektro lighters are re-engineered and re-designed to produce super-hot scorching beams and come in either single or dual beams. The single or double arc is placed vertically on top of the unit to make them super easy to use. The armored cases on the lighters are deep-curved followed by plating before engraved with knowledgeable artisans to give assorted colors that provide the lighters with the elegant accents that they are known for.

All Elektro lighters are backed with a lifetime guarantee. Behind their impeccable visual aesthetics and luxury touch, is a lightweight but high-quality zinc alloy construction. All designs are sturdy and very friendly to the environment. The lighters will never melt or fall apart as years go by. Additionally, very model that Elektro produces comes with a 100 percent user satisfaction guarantee.

The lighters may be used to light everything from camp fires, candles, fireplaces, cigarettes, pipes, bowls, and even large cigars. They are designed make them super easy to get a quick light. The re-engineered designs are relatively narrower, sleek, and good looking. They are primarily intended to be more convenient, easier to use and travel with. They charge very fast, and you can carry it through any airport in the world.

Whether you are a smoker or not, you will find Elektro lighters innovative, convenient, and a great present to gift a friend or family. Buy from us now:

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