Throwing Knives For Beginners – An Inclusive Guide

Throwing Knives

Have you ever imagined getting attacked by assailants? If any such situation occurs the best thing to do is stabbing your foes but it would be much better to extend the range of your lethality. Ninjas are elevating up the blade games to the next level for years and now this is your time to master the art with the set of throwing knives.

Whether you are an experienced Marine, looking for an extravagant option to enhance your assemblage, or a beginner wanting to learn some new skills to throw pointy objects, we’ve got you covered.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the world of throwing knives and get enlightened with the exciting knowledge ready to hit your noggin.

Throwing Knives

Your Budget

Throwing knives come at all shapes, sizes, and prices. However, buying a throwing knife for the first time can be tricky and you should not pick up that from the gas station. Get your tool from a well-known knife maker to ace your target.

If you are hoping to acquire a set of throwing knives then it will be more reasonable as you will be able to get more tools in a single purchase. If you are a beginner then it is recommended to get a set of two or three or even more.

The price of the tools will also depend on the quality, sturdiness, and stability of a knife. If you want to get a stylish throwing knife with maximum strength then it might cost you more.

Types of Throwing Knives:

Before getting your hands on a throwing knife, it is essential to understand the different types of knives. These tools come in all shapes, sizes, sturdiness, and serve different purposes. Here are some of the basic types of throwing knives that you need to learn about as a beginner.

1. Blade-Heavy Throwing Knife

As the name suggests, a blade-heavy throwing knife features a heavy blade, while its handle is not hefty comparatively. While throwing a blade-heavy throwing knife, you would grip the handle and throw it to the target for favorable outcomes. This type of knife is best for beginners as they will learn how to throw a knife by using the hammer technique.

2. Handle-Heavy Throwing Knife

A handle-heavy throwing knife carries most of the bulk of its weight in the handle, which allows you to throw a knife by holding the blade and letting the handle hit the target. As this needs you to grip the blade end of the tool, beginners usually have a very hard time using it. However, this type of throwing knife is mostly used by experienced throwers.

3. Balanced Throwing Knife

Now, let’s talk about an ideal knife that comes with the perfect balance. A balanced throwing knife features a center of gravity in the middle. For this type of knife, you can either throw it by gripping the blade or a handle without any hassle. The circles on equitable throwing knives are more anticipated, but some newcomers face a troublesome time at the beginning with these types. However, for maximum flexibility these types are ideal.


After learning about the types of throwing knives, now is the time to understand the importance of the construction of a throwing knife. If you are not cautious enough then you will get a knife that will break in just a few hours. Buying a branded knife doesn’t guarantee quality. For beginners, the full tang knife is the best option as the half tang knife can break anytime without a warning.

The blade of the throwing knife matters, stainless steel is a good option but when it comes to throwing knives then carbon steel has an edge over stainless steel.

The acumen is that carbon steel is more pliable than stainless steel. This suggests that if the blade curves, you can easily hammer it into place without destroying it.

Bottom Line:

Are you ready to master the art of throwing knives? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced thrower, you are required to understand the in-depth details of a tool. This guide covers all the basic explanations of throwing knife from types to uses and construction. So, get enlightened with the knowledge and get your hands on your first throwing knife. Buy it now form our category: kzgear

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