Automatic Tactical Knife Buying Guide

Welcome to the comprehensive automatic tactical knife buying guide. This guide will walk through the most important features of automatic knives. There are several automatic knives available on the market from trusted companies and choosing the right one might be realistically challenging when it comes to pocket knives. There are three key principles to consider for finding the best possible knife.

Types of Automatic Releases

Firing Button:

This is one of the most common types of automatic tactical knife. It features a simple button which releases the blade when pressed.

Hidden Releases:

There are many variations of the hidden release. It opens with a glide of the front bolster on the handle.

Lever: These automatic knives can be opened with a lever when pulled. Lever releases are most popular in Italian stilettos.

Axis Pull Release:

Axis locks are typically found on manual folders. These locks come with a thumb stud on every side of the handle that operates as a locking mechanism.

Choosing the Blade Steel

Automatic tactical knives are manufactured with a variety of materials so let’s get our feet wet in the pool of automatic knives. Some of the important factors influencing the blade steel quality include durability, edge retention and wear resistance, sharpening ability and stain resistance. Below we have some of the popular types of steel in automatic knives:


AUS-8 comprises 75% carbon and is manufactured by superior cold steel. The knife is renowned for its durability and holds an edge properly.


The type of steel has a high chromium content which can be found in automatic knives and many other knife types as well. It comes with an excellent wear resistance and edge retention. Though the only drawback is that it’s difficult to sharp.


CPM-S30V is designed particularly to be used in automatic tactical knives. It comes with matchless wear and tear and superior durability. You can find this steel in many popular automatic knives such as Benchmade, Buck, and Gerber.


Damascus is another popular steel and is always an important part of the rich history of knives. It dates back to the crusades of the Europeans where it was used in a number of knives as today. Some automatic knives featuring Damascus are Emerson and AKC knives.

400 Series

400 Series has a sequence of steel that vary in quality. For instance, 420 steel is present at the low end of the spectrum and is relatively soft whereas 440C is a high-end stainless steel. It’s a wear resistant and commonly used knife around the world.

Since now you are familiar with some of the major steel types for your automatic knife, make sure to find the appropriate option without compromising the quality.

Decide the Size

If you are looking for the best automatic tactical knife, make sure to choose the right size. It’s important to consider whether a 9-inch automatic knife is fine with your pocket or you should look for a shorter version. If this is the case, you can find many automatic knives at with a 7-inch length and a 2.75-inch long blade. Though the specifications of the mini automatic knife will be different from the standard one.


To find the best automatic tactical knife available on the market as per your requirements, all you have to do is some research, match the sources with your needs, and make the right decision. Apart from the above-mentioned steps, make sure that you purchase your automatic knife from a trustworthy supplier such as

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