Best Butterfly Knives With Intriguing Designs

butterfly knives
Attractive butterfly knives are the crown jewels of many collections. The nimble joints and variations in blades are alluring in their own right. However, the intricate designs and peculiar construction of the butterfly knives are mainly the reason why they are revered in the blade community. Collectors and connoisseurs often judge based on their aesthetics, craftsmanship, and design. We have compiled a list of most intriguing and enchanting balisongs to entice you. So if you are planning on starting your own collection, you should begin with these gems.
Titanium Caribou Delight Butterfly Knife

Lose yourself in the elegance of the Caribou Delight butterfly knife. The formidable zinc and titanium construction imparts a beautiful rainbow hue over the blade as well as the handles. Overall, this pocket knife is a beauty to behold. The lovely oak stains on the handgrips are the perfect addition for stability and add to the allure of the ensemble. This vane is so beautiful that one can spend hours twirling it around and marveling at it. Add it to your collection and amuse yourself!
Battlefield Green Butterfly Mission Knife

The wicked cool Knife is ready for action in every indoor and outdoor scenario. The spear-point blade is deadly precise and can perform multiple functions with just its tip. The butterfly knife contains a whole arsenal worth of firepower within itself. Like all other standard balisongs, this blade also contains a stainless steel vane and a safety latch to ensure user protection when not in use. The special feature of this knife is its double-walled construction embellished with a stone-wash finish. Relish in the superior craftsmanship of this blade and its nigh-indestructible steel frame. You won’t find a tougher blade elsewhere.
Practice Sangria Nights Training Butterfly Comb Knife

If the swirling purple and burgundy shades take you back to a fun hang-out with your buddies out in the city, then this blade is definitely for you. The traditional balisong sheath hides the secret behind your luscious locks with great ingenuity. Keep your trusted comb close and protected with stainless steel and ABS mounts. Instead of an accessory, it might be better to call this comb stiletto a trainer. Fulfill all your knife flipping fantasies without any dangers of cuts or nicks.  Flip, fan, and spin with all you got, and this beauty will give you all she’s got! The heavy-duty construction and safety lock ensures the best performance during every usage.
Rainbow Damascus Steel Butterfly Knives

Pull out all the stops with the tag-team of titanium and Damascus construction. The distinctive tanto blade is the best feature of this blade. The amalgamation of two different construction styles gives a unique, tiger stripe pattern to the blade and makes it even more attractive. To achieve a sturdy girth, almost 180 blade layers are molded and tempered together. The resultant blade temper is around 54 to 55. No other balisong or tanto can boast of such a composition.
Pearl Marble Silver Butterfly Knife

A stainless steel 3.875-inch spear point blade with a razor-sharp edge and silver finish are the distinguishing features of this marvelous butterfly knife. The embedded pearl and marble inlays enhance the whimsy and uniqueness of the blade. The minimalistic design is very attractive and organic in a world of ostentatious and fantasy blades. Additionally, it is very light in weight despite its heavy-looking construction. With an overall length of 8.625 Inches, this blade is the pride of butterfly knives.
White Widow Maker Damascus Steel Butterfly Knife

Just as the name suggests, this knife means serious business. It is an essential part of every great collection of butterfly knives. The Damascus steel billet is forged into a temper of around 54 to 55 with 180 true blade layers. The signature 1095/15N20 alloy steel is perfect to build a sturdy and versatile blade. Don’t miss out on this gorgeous piece of weaponry, buy from kzgear today!

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